I have been working on this book now for about 6 years, adding any
new lessons that I have learned. Right from the beginning, I have
tried to break everything down to its most basic level. Then I realize
there is even a more basic level. If you don't have the first step, it
becomes pretty hard to do the rest. This chapter is about setting
goals, and then breaking those goals down to a level than anyone
can handle.

More than anything else in this book, setting goals is the one thing
that matters if you are too ever be successful at anything. There are
some people that are born with motivation, but I believe that they
are only a small portion of the population. I'm talking about those
people that can work 80 hours or more a week and not think
anything of it. If a person like that can focus their energy in the
right place, they would have more success then they could handle. I
however am not one of those people. I like to have a lot of free time
and I don't like to work more than 40 hours a week if I can help it.
Now don't get me wrong, work can be a good thing. Most people
need to work just to have structure in their life but lets take this to
the simplest level. There are some people that have lost so much of
their motivation that they don't even want to work. Those people
will only continue in a downward spiral to the point of not even
wanting to get off the couch. The problem is that there is no goal, or
the thought that their goal is impossible. Some goals may almost be
impossible, It is good to keep those goals, but at the same time you
must set goals that are possible. You might think that there is too
much effort required reaching your goal, but that is simply not true.
Time is all you need. There is plenty of time in front of you, and if
you will just take a small piece of that time everyday, with very little
effort you can reach your goals.

The key to reaching your goals is to first set a goal that you can
achieve. The question is; what one small goal can you make today
that will bring you closer to your big goal. You should make a list of
goals, or a list of things to do every single day, and carry that list
with you at all times. Maybe at the end of the day you will not get
all of them done, but you should only give yourself what you can
handle. Even if it is only one thing, but you will find in time that it is
so rewarding to finish your list, that it will become easier to add
more to the list.

I have been using a list for years now. It is the only way I can get
things done. I've always been the kind of guy that doesn't like
homework. When I was in high school, I did my homework while I
was at school. Now I do my planning while I am at work. I carry a
list in my pocket all day, and when I think of something that I need
to do, I add it to my list. Throughout the day I look at the list. There
may be something on my list that I can get done while I am still at
work, Like a phone call or E-mail to someone, but when I get home
from work, I take my list out and try to complete as many of the
tasks as I can. Then I am free to let those things slip from my mind
and enjoy my life a little.

Most goals start with a phone call. The call is what makes you
commit to your goal. You really don't have to think too much further
ahead than that. Make the call, and see where it leads you, but if
you make a commitment, you should do your best to fulfill it. It is
one thing to let yourself down, but you will only burn bridges if you
let someone else down.

Structure may even be more important than setting goals. Without
structure, everyday runs together and you seem to get nowhere. Do
you know what day of the week it is right now? If not, then you
probably need structure. Having a job with steady hours is one of
the easiest ways to have structure. It forces you to have a
scheduled life. It is very important to always have a plan for what
you will be doing tomorrow. Even if it is going to be a play day, you
still should do at least one thing to fulfill a goal. Without a structure,
it is very hard to stay focused on any goal. Another way to create
structure is to always be learning something. It does not matter
what that is. It could be anything from Martial Arts to a musical
instrument. It should just be something you enjoy, and something
you have to go to class for. Anytime you stimulate your brain with
learning, It will heighten your senses and give you a will to achieve,
and also having a scheduled class creates structure.

I have had a goal for many years to learn how to play the guitar, but
I could never find the time. I have had many hobbies, and each one
of them has taken up most of my free time. I find after a while that
I have gotten all I can get from these hobbies, and they become a
habit rather then a hobby. The best part of a hobby is the people
that go with it and share it with you, but sometimes, you have to
think about why you are still doing it. Is it because you enjoy it? or
is it because of the people you have become friends with? If you still
enjoy it, then by all means stay in it, but if you are there for
socializing, you can always make new friends in a new hobby. I
recently quit an old hobby and started to learn guitar. It was pretty
hard at first, but now I can hardly put it down. The point is, as long
as you are learning, even in a hobby, then you will always have
drive. When you stop learning, Things get old and stale. If you want
to stay young, If you want less stress in your life then keep

So are you ready to get started? What is your big goal? What One
thing can you do tomorrow that will get you one step closer to that
goal? Write it down. If you don't write it down, then you probably
don't really mean it. Use something like the back of a business card
so you can carry it in your pocket. Any time you think of something
important that you have to do, pull out the card and write it down.
Just simple reminders like;

Call Joe
Take Out the Trash
Fri-Dentist 10:00
Call Realtor

As you complete each one cross them out. Then if any remain carry
them over to a new list when the old one runs out of room. Give it a
try, Great Idea's are lost every single day because people don't
write them down when they get them. Easy come easy go.

Setting Goals