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Set Up Electronic Bill
Set up online banking and bill pay,

This is one of the nicest things you can do to take
some stress out of your life. Almost all banks do this
for free now. Go to your banks web page and set up a
user ID if you don't have one. Then go to the bill pay
section and follow the instructions for your bank. If
you have not done this already, try it and you won't
regret it.

Although it is possible to set up your bills for
automatic payment, I recomend paying them
manualy, at least until you have a budget up and
running. There are just too many situations that can
cause problems with automatic payment. The only
situation I have found that auto payment is good for
is paying rent. Rent payments don't usualy have a
decent grace period like loans and most other bills do,
so if you have a strict policy for your rent payment, it
may be a good idea to set up auto pay for rent. If you
are going to use auto pay, you should read my
chapter on Extreme Bugeting.

That is it!! You now have the ability to make life a lot
easer. I would recommend checking out my Extreme
Budgeting Page
. It is for those who have a hard time
budgeting. It may be helpful even if you are doing
well with your budget.

Once you get an understanding for how this system
works, you will find little variations of how to make it
work best for you. Internet banking creates a lot of
ways to spread out your money and do it fairly

If you have made it this far, Congratulations! Please
go to my Contact Page, and leave me some feedback.
I will do what ever I can to make this a better web
site. Your coments are welcome. I would especially
like to hear from you if you have applied the system
for a few months.

Enjoy the peace of mind!
This is an example of what bill pay
looks like