Set up your direct deposit, or Internet banking

Make sure that all of your accounts are set up, and
you have a debit card for your spending account.

Use the amounts that you have worked out on the
spreadsheet, and set up your direct deposit. You will
have no set balance going to your primary checking.
Your spend money will be a set amount going to your
spend money account. If using ING, you can have
your savings automaticly withdrawn from your
primary checking account each pay day. This will
make it easy to make changes at a later time.

If you don't have direct deposit you can put the full
amount of your check into your primary checking
account, and use Capital One 360 to automaticly spit
up the money to the various accounts.

Set Up Direct
You will need your routing numbers, and account
numbers to split up your money, Capital One 360's
routing number is 031176110, but you will also need
your account number. The image below shows you
how to find your routing number and account number
for your primary checking account.