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Easy Budget Online
Step One is filling in the blanks on the spreadsheet (Don't miss the
tools at the bottom of the sheet!)
After you complete the
spreadsheet and print it you can move on to step two.

Step Two will explain to you why you need to have a separate
account for your spend money and why it is very important that you
choose the right bank for your new account.

Step Three will show you how to take your pay check and
automaticly split up the money into different accounts according to
the figures on the spreadsheet. This can be done with direct deposit
or using ING DIRECT.

Step Four Will explain how to use online banking, and online bill pay. If
you don't already bank online, please check out the interactive

Step Five Will allow you to download personal financial software to
keep track of your accounts, and will show you briefly how to set up
and use the new software.

Extreme Budgeting will give you a couple more options thay may
better suit your lifestyle. There are a couple of very good variations
to this system, and one of them may be better for you.